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RAISE awareness

and take care of nature

Hello, welcome,

I am Nak (Nacho Cano) and Mucura is a magical plant that gives name to my work.

I facilitate self-healing experiences and tools for raising awareness. 
Member of the
Coherent Movement Network. President of the Plantaforma,

Director of the Confederation for the Defense of Life.


Here you can check my calendar of activities, sign up or contact me.

Thanks, I trust it will help you, greetings.


Nak ceremonies, retreats & dietas


This is my activities calendar, weekly updated, please confirm before planning your trips.

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20 to 30 November 



2023 PERU

10 days dieta to expand the perception of yourself, learning and experimenting self-healing techniques with plants, Andean Amazonian Masters, my experience, and guidance.

Limited places. More info




ceremonies, RETREATS & DIETS

Choose the date and place that best suits you on the calendar and reserve your place by mail.

I also hold private ceremonies and events outside of the calendar that best suit your needs.


Personal, familiar,
and business consultancy 


Take a leap of consciousness in all areas of your life

with all the professionals and self-healing tools that I put at your disposal. Ask me for advice and consultation.


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